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(1) I just used your product the Reveal leather formula on all my leather goods including a pair of old boots I was about to trash. I must say that it works better than I could ever hope for and gave the items a second life, excellent products and service.JOHN S.
(2) "Got the polishing kit today. Tried it out on my Omega Speedmaster with excellent results. Put it on my 1960 Rolex 18k Day-Date and was absolutely amazed. I had just cleaned the watch with a cleaner from my jeweler three days ago and still it was a dramatic difference. Thanks for a great product." TONY E.
(3) Used your CrystalClear Polish on my Holliburton aluminum briefcase and it now looks like new, what a money saving product!!! RON H.
(4) "I just received the polishing kit today, and I have to say that it is one of the most impressive polishes I've ever used. I have a Zero Halliburton S3 in gunmetal gray, and I tried previously to clean it with Brasso and Tarn-X, which only dulled the finish even more. Your polishing kit made the briefcase look brand new!" H.U.
(5) "The polishing kit really works. My Omega looks like new again!" MANNY C.
(6) Hi, I've just received the parcel in the mail. I'm amazed to find out what it did to the scratches on my watch, they literally vanished within just seconds of buffing. I will definitely be recommending your product to everyone I know. Thank you for a most excellent product and customer service. IAN Y.
(7) That is great thank you! Your polishing and leather care stuff is absolutely amazing. I couldn't recommend it highly enough! PETE M.
(8) This past weekend I was lucky enough to happen across your web site while attempting to find information about removing scratches from stainless steel. I read about your product and decided to place an order. While your web site estimated order processing time to be 2-3 working days and general delivery in the US to be between 8 -10 business days I am more than pleased to say I received my order today, a mere 3 business days into order placement. THANK YOU!.
At first I was a little skeptical about how well your product would work,
but decided to take a chance and order your Pro Polishing kit. I am so glad I did! Not only did the finish on my husband's Tag Heuer watch come up amazingly well upon my first polishing attempt, but my platinum and gold rings have as well! The money spent is well worth the convenience of having a "like new" finish whenever I want it and is even more worth it when considering the risk of sending such items out to be "professionally" polished. (As I have been told is the only way to restore my platinum rings by various jewelry stores.)

Thank you for producing such a wonderful product!

Sincerely, ANDREA F.

(9) Dear all at Pinnacle Supplies.
I want to tell you how absolutely superb your product 'Pinnacle polish -
brushed satin finish' is.
It has removed scratches from an expensive hob, that was ruined by a well
meaning relative trying to clean it with a scouring pad, of all things.
I wonder how many people have discarded a perfectly good piece of equipment
simply because of cosmetic damage.
More people need to know about your product. Best wishes from this side of
the pond.
David S (Happy customer)
(10) Good morning, I just wanted to say what a great product you have. I thought my brand new stainless sink was ruined, until I received your Satin Finish Scratch Remover. Wow! I couldn't believe my eyes!!! Thanks again. R.N.


Review Below of CrystalClearT By Mikey® WatchUseek.com, May 14,2002: It's The CrystalClearT watch & fine jewelry buffing and polishing system. I tried it on both my Tudor & Seiko acrylic crystals, and it does shine them up quite nice! They give you a LOT in the jar, and you just need a dab on the supplied sponges to work it in. Should last a long time, I'll say! I even tried a little on the side of the Tudors case and the watch did brighten up there. I like this stuff, it works as well or better as the other product I have for watch crystals, but you get a full tub of polish, not a tiny tube. Here's where it's available www.watchpolishing.com.

Review of CrystalClearT By: John B. Holbrook, II WatchUseek.com Moderator. May 22, 2002:Many thanks to the folks at CrystalClearT for sending me the review sample of their product. Thanks too go to Ernie Romers for making the arrangements!

When my package of CrystalClearT arrived, I wasn't sure how best to use and evaluate it. After all, my small collection of watches are fairly new, and none had any scratches on the crystal.

After having applied CrystalClearT to the entire collection, I am happy to report that CrystalClearT is the microwave oven of watch collecting. You see, back when microwave ovens first hit the market, nobody really understood how they'd be useful. Once you get one though, you soon find a microwave oven an appliance you simply could not imagine living without.

I first applied CrystalClearT to the oldest watch in my collection - the Seiko quartz my father bought me 16 years ago. I used one of the two included sponges to apply the product as directed. I not only applied the white cream to the watch face, but also to the band. With a very short amount of scrubbing, I soon discovered that the sponge I was using was turning black with grime and residue on the watch. After then using the included buffing cloth, my old Seiko watch shined like new - I had no idea how dirty the watch actually was! I quickly grabbed my Tag Heuer and got similar results. Soon I had cleaned and buffed every watch in my collection and had blackened both sponges! My watch collection has never looked better.

In short, I plan to reapply CrystalClearT to my watches on a monthly basis. This really is a fantastic products that every watch collector should have and use.

Review Below of CrystalClearT By Henry Hatem® WatchUseek.com Moderator April 29,2002: CrystalClearTand Ernie Romers kindly offered me an opportunity to review CrystalClearT for the Forum. I was surprised at how fast I received the CrystalClearT package. Things to do always seem to show up faster when your plate is full. The package contained 1- 1.5 oz. Screw top container of CrystalClearT Superlative polishing/buffing cream, 2 - application sponges, 1- 5"x5" (127x127 mm) Selvyt cloth, and business card sized instructions for use.

Recommended uses for CrystalClearT aside from polishing acrylic and plastic watch crystals - are to repair scratched CDs or DVDs and jewelry (buffing and polishing gold and sterling silver metals for a high gloss and luster).

Instructions are clear and simple - Inspect watch crystal for cracks and breakage - if any are found you must determine whether it is safe to proceed. Item must be free of dirt and debris. I assume they are trying to stop you from applying the cream to a cracked crystal so it would not migrate through the crack.

Dab a small amount of CrystalClearT polishing/buffing cream on one of the buffing pads provided and using a fast circular motion, float the pad over the area to be polished. Repeat as needed until a high gloss is achieved. This may take 2 or 3 minutes of polishing depending on the deepness of the scratch. Wipe clean with any cotton cloth.

On to my review - Chosen test subjects for CrystalClear Polishing SystemT were a gold watch case, a plastic watch crystal, gold engraved pocket watch case, and a nickel pocket watch case. Pictures of the results are below.

CrystalClearT was easy to apply and as the directions state - the amount of polishing time depends on the scratches to be removed. I would keep a toothpick handy for an engraved surface or at the joint of case and crystal to clean out any left over cream. As expected more polishing time was necessary on the tarnished items than on lightly scuffed crystals. CrystalClearT took out the minor scratches but to remove major/deep scratches you would first need to do some prep work, which I will not go into here. Secrets of the trade you know -

All in all I was impressed with the results I got with CrystalClear Polishing SystemT. My photography skills did not do justice but where I think CrystalClearT really shined well (no pun intended) was the high luster it brought out on the gold case and crystals using the Selvyt cloth as a final buff. Almost, the elusive "black polish". For a street price of $13.95 plus $4.00 shipping + handling and enough cream to polish a lot of watches/crystals I think CrystalClear Polishing SystemT is hard to beat. Anyone with watch cases and plastic crystals would be relieved to have this on their shelf when the inevitable scratch or tarnish shows up.


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