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PSC Anti Scratch Cold Dip Formula™

Our exclusive PSC Anti Scratch Coating™ is made for surfaces that absolutely must stay scratch-free. Creates a super-slick, clear and hard optical surface that can be applied to any plastic, poly carbonate, acrylic or glass lens like those found on watch crystals and eye glasses. This is the same optical coating used by your eye doctor to protect glasses and by the military on jet plane windshields.

The PSC special coating will help clear up old lenses for better visibility and will extend the life of your plastic lens by making the surface over 200% harder and better able to resist scratches from ordinary usage. Safe on all new and vintage watches, glass, acrylic and plastics. This formula is ready to use (No Mixing, Mess or Bad Odors) Just spray on or dip the material for one to two minutes and wipe off. Note: Will make lenses scratch resistant not scratch proof.
Used by Leading Eye Doctors to Protect LensesMakes CD's,DVD's Over 200% Resistant To ScratchesSafe on all Type of Lenses

The PSC Anti-Scratch Cold Dip Formula is a permanent silicon based scratch-resistant coating.
Easy to use No bad odors or mixing Permanent Coating..does not loose effectiveness or wash off Will not affect the optical properties of lens Cost effective Will not craze or crack.

PSC 2oz Anti Lens & Watch Crystal Anti Scratch Coating
2.5 oz. PSC Anti Scratch Formula™
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Protects against scraches, fog and stains on lenses, watch crystals, acrylic, plastic  and glass
2.5 oz. PSC Anti Scratch Formula & 2 Xtreme Optical Polishing Cloths™
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