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Pinnacle Supplies CO. Professional jewelers tools, magnifiers, polishing compound, polishing cloths and leather care products since 1981

Professional Instruments and Polishing Compounds™ Since 1981

Precious Metals Prices

Precious Metals Prices.......Precious Metals Prices

Precious Metals Prices........Precious Metals Prices

PSC Featured Products
World-class metal and plastic. Fine scratch remover / polish.
Removes Scratches, Polish, Shines & Restores
CrystalClear Polish Pro Metal & Plastic Polish  
Remove fine scratches, polish & maintain watch cases & bands, jewelry, watch crystals, silverware, knives, chrome fixtures. Works on any metal, plastic, platinum, gold, silver, titanium, stainless steel, acrylic, Bakelite & Plexiglas.
Removes fine scratches while leaving a factoy satin / matte finish on metal or plastic
Polish & Give a Factory Brushed Finish To Metal
PSC Brushed Satin Finish Metal Polish 
The PSC Brush Satin Metal Polish Removes fine scratches & blemishes. Imparts a professional factory brushed matte finish to any metal. For use on watch cases & band, jewelry, aluminum briefcases, knives & appliances.
Crystalcler polishing kit with microfiber polishing cloth. For use on all metal & plastic
The 2 Most Desired Finishes in Metal Polishing!
CrystalClear Pro Metal & Plastic Polishing Kit    
1- The CrystalClear Metal Polish removes fine scratches, give a mirror shine to metal or plastic. 2- The PSC Brushed Satin Metal Polish polishes, removes scratches,leaves factory satin finish. 3- Our exclusive polishing cloth & polishing pads.
Polish Delicate Metals With Our Metallux Museum Quality Polish.
Museum Quality Metal Polish For The Ultimate Shine
Metallux Museum Metal Polish
Used by leading galleries & jewelers to polish and safely remove tarnish from delicate items like fine watches, jewelry & silverware including softer metal like platinum, gold, sterling silver, brass, bronze and cooper.

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PSC Featured Products
Removes Scratches From Acrylic Watch Crystals, Watch Bands & Cases
Safely Restores any Brand or Type of Metal Wristwatch Including Plastic
Jewelers Watch and Jewelry Polish
Remove scratches as it polishes and restores acrylic watch cryatals, metal watch bands & watch cases - Removes tarnish and blemishes from stainless steel, gold, platinum, silver and titanium. Also great on fine jewelry.
Essential Marble Polish.  Clean & Polish Marble, Slate, Formica, Ceramics & All Stone Counter top
100% Beeswax and Essential Oils 
Essential Marble / Stone Polish 
Our exclusive marble polish naturally protects tables & countertops against scratches, stains & moisture. For use on all natural and synthetic stones including marble, slate, formica, ceramics, butcher block and all fine woods.
2oz Old No.7 Beeswax
100% Natural, Moisturizes & Protects All Fine Leathers
Old No.7 Xtra Fine Beeswax Leather Care
Naturally waterproofs all leathers. Restores natural oils to dry, cracked leather as it moisturizes & protects against water. No harmful chemicals or bad odors.
Unique leather care products.
All Purpose Leather Cleaners, Polish/Conditioner
Fine & Exotic Leather Care 
Specially designed to naturally clean, waterproof & restore natural oils that leather looses with age. Keeps new leather looking new! Use on all fine & exotic leathers including Crocodile, Alligator & Sharkskin.

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PSC Featured Products
PSC Anti Scratch Coating. Same coating used by eye doctors and on jet plain windshields.For use on watches, optics, computer laptot screens, watch crystal.
Used by the military to protect jet plain windshields.
PSC Lens Anti-Scratch Coating 
Made for surfaces that absolutely must stay scratch-free. Creates a clear, hard optical surface that repels abrasive particles. Use any plastic or glass lens like those found on eye glasses, watch crystals, CD’s, laptop screens and more.
Magnifiers and jewelers loupes for pro applications or  hobby.
Professional and Hobby Optical Magnifiers  
Quality Magnifiers & Jewelers Loupes 
Photo & graphics magnifiers - Printers and engravers magnifiers - Stamp, coin collecting magnifiers - Jeweler's gem & hobby loupes - Desk & pocket magnifiers - Map & document reading magnifiers.
Pro jeweler tools, hobby tools, Jewelers screwdriver sets,  pro metal & hobby rulers, calipers, optical grade polishing cloths, tools, grinders, rotary tools, polishing wheels & buffs, watch case openers, watch band link removers, precision pliers & tweezers sets, micro pencil torches,  polishing cloths, polishin pads & watch repair ccesories
Precision Jewelers, Watchmaker and Hobby Tools
Tools Of The Trade 
Jeweler's screwdriver, pliers sets - caliper tools, pro metal rulers - High speed Dremel type grinders, polishing tools, buffers - Micro torches - Watch case openers, Watch band link pin removers - Precision tweezers & files.
Quality jewelers polishing, cleaning cloths for jewelry, watches, silverware, knives, guns, leather care, optics.
Pro Jeweler, Watch and Optical Polishing Cloths  
Polishing Cloths For Every Application 
Watch & jewelry polishing cloths - Micro fiber cleaning / polishing cloths & gloves - Silverware polishing cloths - Non scratching optical lens polishing cloths - Wood & leather cleaning / polishing cloths

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Finest quality optical polishing,cleaning cloth available
Pro Polishing Cloths
Crab style watch back case opener
Watch Case Openers
Watch Band Link Remover With 100% Metal Construction
Band Link Remover
Pro jeweler's spring bar tool
Spring Bar Remover
Watch case opener / battery replacement kit
Watch Tool Kit
100 Piece Delux Rotary Polishing Tool Set
100-PC Rotary Kit
30x power optical magnifying lens
Jeweler's Loupe
Pro Jeweler's Ring Sizing  Mandrel / Measuring Kit
Ring Expanding Kit