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Professional Instruments & Polishing Compounds

The Problem? Scratched, Tarnished Metal & Plastic
Microscopic images seen below of multi scratched surfaces with imbedded dirt & blemishes
A: mainly brittle fracture, B : more or less brittle fracture, C : mainly plastic deformation
Microscopic View Of Scratched Surfaces With Dirt
Used by leading museums, galleries, jewelers, automotive & aerospace companies.
PSC (Pinnacle Supplies CO.) provides restoration and care solutions to consumers, businesses and institutions globally. We manufacture and sell world-class metal and plastics polishing compounds, leather care products as well as precision tools and magnifiers for professional or hobby use. Our quality products are available only through this site and a network of authorized dealers. See what people are saying about our great service & products.
Our world acclaimed restoration compounds have been specially formulated to safely remove unsightly scratches, blemishes & tarnish as they polish. Used by professionals in the care & maintenance of all fine jewelry, watches, silverware, aviation, nautical, automotive metals, plastics & any hard surface that can be polished. It will restore the material back to its original beauty & luster.
All of our quality products are easy to use and require no special tools or expertise. They have no harmful solvents like those found in ordinary polish that only shine. Our products produce a professional factory finish and immediate visible results guaranteed! This has made us the preferred and most effective method of metal & plastics restoration worldwide.











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