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Heavily Scratched Watch Band Below Was Restored Using The CrystalClear Brush Satin Formula ™

Scratched Watch Band & Acrylic Watch Crystal Below Was Restored Using The CrystalClear Restoration Polish ™ Also Included in The Kit
Scratched,Tarnished Bulova Watch Band
Restored To Like New Using The CrystalClear Polish
Heavily Scractched Acrylic Watch Crystal
Polishes All  Plastics To Like New
Sratches Can Be Removed  By Using The CrystalClear Polish
Removes Scratches From  Any Metal Or Pliastic
Not Just For Watches & Jewelry!
Will Restore Any Metal or Plastic, Guaranteed!


Pro Polishing Kit With Special Polishing Cloth to restore & help  remove scratches, polish, buff, shine any metal or plastic. Great on watches, jewelry, silverware, appliances, gold,silver, platinum, titanium, brass, copper, stainless steel,  chrome, plexiglass, acrylic, formica
CrystalClear Pro Polishing Kit
Removes Fine Scratches, Gives a Mirror Shine Apply a Satin Brush Finish To Any Metal
This kit includes our two professional polishes listed above. 1- The CrystalClear Restoration Polish to help remove fine scratches & give a mirror shine to metal or plastic. 2- The Pinnacle Brushed Satin Polish polishes & removes scratches, gives a protective shield & leaves factory like brushed satin finish. 3- Our exclusive micro fiber polishing cloth & special polishing pads.


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